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Help!! all tasks deleted
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Posted: May 14, 2014
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Resolved ... some kind of strange user behavior/error - thanks Jake.

Long time pro subscriber using Chrome browser on Windows 7 PC. Not sure what I did, but TD shows this message "You've done everything in this folder".

This is my main task list folder with several 100 tasks/subtasks.

I was looking at a note in a Parent task, and am not aware of clicking delete or doing anything else.

TD is still open in a different tab; and I have not done anything else. The Chrome browser does NOT show a left-pointing back arrow; I have not done ctrl Z. Searching forum on "undo" has not offered anything of value.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Unfortunately I have not backed up TD in ages, and find it hard to believe that I might really be in a mess.

added a few minutes later ...
I was NOT in multi-edit. I was simply reading within a Note connected to a Parent task. I do NOT use any 3rd party app with TD. I was not doing this on iPhone, although I do have the TD iPhone app.

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Toodledo Founder
Posted: May 14, 2014
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I doubt that you deleted your tasks, but you can check the "Recently deleted tasks" list in your account settings to see, and undelete any tasks that were accidentally deleted. I suspect that you turned on a filter that is hiding the tasks. Click the "Show" button to check. You may also be on a list that is showing nothing. Try clicking "All Tasks". Please open a support ticket if you still have trouble.

Posted: May 14, 2014
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Thanks Jake. I'm fine but was freaking out. I must have inadvertently clicked on a list that only had 1 task in it. Will do back ups of TD as that is an important safety measure with any important data. Your response gave me enough confidence to move around in TD and realize that this was all user error in some strange way.
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