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2 things RTM does I wish Toodledo did
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Posted: May 04, 2009
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Alright guys, let's all just try to get along. Otherwise Toodledo might have to send you to your rooms. :)
I think everyone has made some fair points, and it's only natural that there is going to be disagreement.

Posted: May 04, 2009
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I'm sorry for being terse and direct. I just don't care to have my post parsed at the sentence level and be told I don't know what I'm talking about. Here are my suggestions and the reason for my post, 2 things RTM does I wish Toodledo did.

1) Collaboration seems better with RTM. I don't need to pay anything to share to-dos.

2) RTM says that they do not delete completed tasks. I don't need to purchase anything to get this.

I also suggested they offer more memory for pro accounts, a lot more.

I understand the reasons for not doing these things, in particular server hit, but I'm suggesting that from a prospective customer point of view, who will likely be comparing RTM directly with Toodledo like I did, will be swayed more towards Toodledo with these things.

I'm OK if they don't do these things. And I'm not a prospective customer now, I purchased the pro account. They are simply suggestions for a company I'd like to see succeed. I think Toodledo has a great feature set that is superior to their competition, but I also think many people might not ever see it because RTM looks better to them.

As for the suggestions on saving completed to-dos, thanks, but I'm being honest when I say I doubt I will do this. I don't care if it is click, click, whatever. I would much prefer not to have to even think about having to do this, especially when I know the competition is taking care of it automatically. I hope you get my point here.

Toodledo Founder
Posted: May 04, 2009
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Thank you for the suggestions. We are aware that RTM has better collaboration tools and we hope to improve upon this in the future.

Also, we know that RTM offers free unlimited storage of completed tasks. This is something that we have decided to make a paid feature.

I am going to lock this topic now because it is getting a little heated. Nothing personal.
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