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Posted: Dec 21, 2014
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I have set up a couple of IFTTT recipes so I can use Siri to add reminders to my tasks.

They work, but not as I had expected, and I wonder if anyone can help?

Recipe 1. Reminders triggers Toodledo. This sends it to the web page with no date as the due date and, without syncing, to the iPad with today's date as the due date, whatever date I put into the reminder. Then when I sync iPad with the webpage I have two versions of the task, none of them with the right date.

Recipe 2. Reminders triggers Gmail which sends an email to my Toodledo email address. As long as I say "hashtag" before I say the date, this works as expected on the web. Eg, "phone Jim #tomorrow", turns up in the web page as "phone Jim" with a due date of tomorrow. However, without syncing, on the iPad it turns up as "phone Jim #tomorrow" with a due date of today. Again, syncing the iPad creates two versions of the task.

The only way I can see to do it at the moment to avoid confusion is to turn off Allow Toodledo To Access Reminders in the iPad settings, and then sync iPad Toodledo before I use it. The problem with that is I might not have WiFi, and when I look at my Toodledo tasks on the iPad, which I synced before I left home, forget I had added something to reminders.

Or I could delete the iPad Toodledo entry and then sync.

Or does someone know a way to make dates work with Toodledo'd own sync with reminders?

Confused? I know I am.

So it is feasible to use Siri, but not in a logical and foolproof way.

Has anyone got a recipe that works properly for both iPad and web page?
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