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Posted: Jun 30, 2015
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I have tried to no avail, but want to ensure there is not a 'Current Date' due date value.

On 6/28/2015
I set a task 'call my boss'
I set the due date to 'Current Date' (which would be 6/19/15)

I don't call him, and so on 6/20/15 when I query for tasks that are 'Due Today' the 'call my boss' task will appear because it's due date is always 'Current Date'.

If not a feature right now is it planned?


Posted: Jun 30, 2015
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I don't believe this is a feature in Toodledo because a due date is, well, a due date. There is, however, due by, due after, and optionally on settings that might effect your query differently.

Would using a query that searched anything due today + overdue work for something like this? I know that you can use the hotlist to show anything overdue... I think it does by default?

Anyway, maybe someone else can chime in with more knowledge than I.

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Posted: Jul 03, 2015
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Posted by mrruz:
I don't believe this is a feature in Toodledo because a due date is, well, a due date..

Understood. I guess it's like a due-time being, well a due-time yet folks want snooze. ;-)

Even a global option that states "Roll Uncompleted Items X Y forward after Due Date" (were X is value and Y is unit). Perhaps I am a slacker but there is hardly a day where I complete everything on my list, and so allowing those tasks to roll would save me time, Appreciate the response though.

The way I currently; handle it is I have a saved search for 'Yesterday" that I run each morning than multi-update the due-date to 'Today'. I seem to be more engaged with GTD apps the more efficient they are.
(And I agree this feature most likely doesn't exist so I'm curious how many folks would use thiZ? :-)

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Posted: Jul 03, 2015
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Posted by johnprince2112:
Perhaps I am a slacker but there is hardly a day where I complete everything on my list, and so allowing those tasks to roll would save me time, Appreciate the response though.

I would recommend using less due dates. E.g., use STAR for tasks you would like to finish today. Than there will be nothing to reschedule :-)

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Posted: Sep 27, 2015
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As I settle more and more in to the GTD process, I understand why this is not a feature. I've been working with task management systems/processes for nearly 20 years, and am finding the GTD process quite interesting. I have my own process, which dictates to continuously adopt the best of all known processes. From a technical standpoint this is easy to achieve and I can still find great benefit in this feature per my process. Yes, I do utilize a 'Star' as due today, and it works great due to the ease of use and dynamic setting.

Of course, anything that MUST be done by a certain date, I guess I'm old school and like to explicitly know that for reporting and reminder purposes, which is how I leverage this property. My 'Planning' state is for items with known dependencies on date/time. As stated, it's simply a 'Next Date' snooze option.

'll post my process on the forum, and welcome best practices with this application. I'm not yet hitting my one year anniversary of it, but have been more than happy and have no plans to change. What sets Toodledo apart is its process-agnostic. In fact it's probably the greatest task management system I've used to date...although I'm going to Beta that Omni Force as well look in to getting something customized. Thanks again for the feedback, just wanted to second your suggestion on the Star for 'due today'

p,.s. Jake, please implement indented sub-tasks on the iOS.. ;-)

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Troy Harris

Posted: Sep 27, 2015
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Here is my workaround for setting a rolling Due Date (thanks to guidance from Jake many moons ago):

• set task to be Optionally due for Today (or whatever start date you prefer)
• set Repeat to Daily (or whatever cycle you prefer)

When the day goes by and you've not completed that task, it will roll over to the next specified day (per the cycle you chose). The process is a little cumbersome, but functional.

A couple gotcha's!

• If you set to Optional and fail to set a Repeat, the item will *completely* disappear after its Due Date, even from your task history. You will go crazy looking for an item you know you entered but has evaporated. It is treated as a Recently Deleted item, and thus is not even included in your routine Backup (you do regularly back up your tasks, right??)
• If you do the setup above, and want to finally retire the item (ie, it is not intended to be recurring, or you are done recurring it) you need to reverse both steps, preferably just before you mark it Done.

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Posted: Sep 28, 2015
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Just use a star, as PetrV suggested. If you're using a "star-aware" calendar app (like Pocket Informant) there's a setting to have starred tasks always on today.

Due Dates are a time consuming and cumbersome method to keep track of tasks. I only assign them if the task has a real due date.
JD Osterman

Posted: Sep 28, 2015
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Yeah, apart from things that are actually "due" on a certain date, I've been getting away from using due dates as a way to manage my work flow, and found that "priorities" works better for me. It allows me to define the relative "urgency" of different tasks, which then "rolls over" from day to day. Tweaking these here and there as time goes by is a lot less work than updating a whole pile of fake "due dates" every few days.

Posted: Sep 30, 2015
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For Jake's complete explanation, see

I use the optional recurring setup a good bit for things that I don't have to do but they have to be done on a certain date, like weekly trash day. I also use it for 1-2 floating tasks to bug me to do them daily, just so I see them & can set an alarm for them. It's not hard to set up &, once done, it takes nothing to maintain. When it's time to cease, you have to remove the recurrence but that's all. I just killed off a monthly optional today!

I'd get rid of a lot of other Due Dates & simply use Start Date alarms, if we had them, to just remind me of many recurring tasks but instead I use the Due After > modifier on those & live with them often being overdue.

Posted: Oct 01, 2015
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I have to admit, I'm converted. For many, many moons I was date-based with my prioritization. I was scared to death trying a state-based process, but you know what? It works. I am simply getting more things done and have true confidence in the approach. There is much I need to learn, but encourage any old skool, time-based guys to keep an open mind and try it. This does not eliminate due dates. I simply keep the integrity of when items are due, and thus when I get an alarm on my really means something now. Thus I am proactive with monitoring states, and reactive with dates. Have control of the former decreases apprehension of the latter.
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