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Repating tasks are multiplying
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Posted: Jul 24, 2015
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I use Outlook 2013 with Toodledo and have been quite happy with this.

I've noticed that my monthly repeating events that are checked off show up correctly in Outlook but for some reason these are "doubled" when I look through the Toodledo interface. They are not doubled as MONTHLY events (which means that I don't need to check two identical todo's off the next month) but it looks like the completed todo is not correctly sync'ed to Toodledo as I would expect. Everything is shown correctly in Outlook though.

This means that I find a lot of "orphants" in Toodledo's interface. Some of these couldn't even be deleted? But most of them could and this didn't affect my master-montly repeating event that still works after the cleanup.

Unfortunately I can see that this behaviour is not consistent. It doesn't happen for all months but it happens to many of my monthly or yearly repeating event.

Does anyone have an idea of why this is happening?

My setup is the following:
- Outlook 2013
- using Google calender
- Sync'in with gsyncit (newest version)
- I also check todo's using my iOS device.

Best regards,

Toodledo Founder
Posted: Jul 24, 2015
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Your question is about a 3rd party tool that syncs with Toodledo. Please contact the company that makes that software for assistance.
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