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Confusion about Subtasks and Importance Levels
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Posted: Jan 08, 2016
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I apologize if this question has been answered; I searched high and low but couldn't find anything about it.

I'm completely confused as to how "Importance" is calculated for a parent task and subtasks, particularly when one is viewing tasks with a primary sort by importance level.

I have two parent tasks in a single folder, one parent task called "Travel" and one "Photography". Each of these tasks have a few subtasks with varying start/end dates and priorities. When I look at them (indented) within that folder view, which has a primary sort by Importance, they both show up under the heading "Importance Level: 3".

However, if I then switch over to view my Hotlist, the "Photography" task and subtasks all appear under "Importance Level: 5" while the "Travel" tasks and subtasks appear under level 4.

That confuses me -- why should the importance be any different simply because of the particular view I'm using? Clearly, I'm missing something.

Thanks in advance.

Toodledo Founder
Posted: Jan 09, 2016
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This is due to an old quirk in how we display subtasks in the "indented" mode. We plan to fix this in the near future. The way it works is that Toodledo loads whatever list you are viewing in the "inline" mode, so all the parents and subtasks are in their proper locations in whatever importance category they should be in. Then if you have the "indented" option selected it will go down the list from top to bottom and do the following:

1) If it finds a parent task it will remove all of it's visible subtasks that are on the page and put them under the parent along with any subtasks that were not on the page.
2) If it finds a subtask, it will remove it and replace it with it's parent (whether its visible on the page or not) and then remove all of the other subtasks from the page and place them (and the hidden ones as well) under this parent.

If it finds the parent first, then everything will be in the importance section of that parent. If it finds the subtask first, then everything will be in the importance section of that subtask, making the parent be in the wrong place. So, in your case, you probably have a subtask that is more important than it's parent, and has a different folder than it's parent, so that when you view the folder, it will be loaded via #1 and when you view the hotlist it is loaded via #2.

We have plans to make this consistent in the future.

Posted: Jan 11, 2016
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OK, that's very helpful.

Just FYI, the parents and subtasks that I referenced were all in the same folder, but there were subtasks with higher importance levels than the associated parent. And, in one case, it looks like it put everything under the Parent's importance level even though there were subtasks of much higher importance. But, in any event, I'm not sure it's worth trying to figure it out, and knowing that it's a "known issue" is helpful.

Thanks again!

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