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Tracking progress toward a goal
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Posted: Jan 21, 2016
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Hi Folks,

I'd like to be able to create graphs showing my progress toward goals. For example, if I want to learn conversational French by November, that gives me about 9 months from now, and I can set this up as a Long Term Goal. If I define "learning French" as going through three levels of a French language course, then I can set up Short Term Goals for each level. I have to complete Level 1 by the end of April, Level 2 by the end of July, and Level 3 by the end of October. If each of the three levels has 40 lessons, I'd like to be able to create a graph showing the goal rate of lesson completion, which for Level 1 would be a straight line from 0 lessons on 1 Feb to 40 lessons on 30 Apr. As I complete Level 1 lessons (tasks) during this period, I'd like the graph to be populated with the cumulative number of completed tasks. This way I can tell if I'm ahead or behind the required rate of lesson (task) completion.

Any ideas? If there was sync program that accesses the number of completed tasks associated with a goal, which is shown Organize Goal screen, I could perhaps link it to an Excel spreadsheet and create the graph in Excel. Does anybody have any other ideas or suggestions?

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