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Vin Thomas

Posted: Jun 20, 2009
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I have looked at Checkvist, and one feature I love is it's use of shortcut keys. It is nowhere near as advanced as Toodledo. But I like it for it's simplicity. I would love to see some of the shortcuts used in checkvist utilized in Toodledo. I can perform almost every action available from simple keyboard shortcut in Checkvist.

Ones that I would especially love to see in TD are:
- Navigate Task list with arrow keys
- Expand/Collapse parent tasks
- Rearrange tasks via ctrl+arrow keys

I know that last one would take the ability to manually arrange tasks in the first place. But I feel TD could learn a lot about usability from checkvist (and checkvist could learn about functionality from Toodledo).

Anyway, it's just a thought. Thanks for listening.

Posted: Jun 21, 2009
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As a tool, TD is increasingly used by me in my life, and I appreciate that I can customize it (what fields I use/display; their sequence; and etc), and that in general it is fairly quick, easy, and relatively intuitive to use. I have suggested additional shortcut keys as this is the fastest way for me to work. To me what underlies Vin's post is this: What are the repetitive things that I and perhaps most TD users do repeatedly? For this list of things, is there a modification to how TD currently allows that to happen - or is there an alternate way to do that that can be added to TD? The second grouping are things that TD does not yet allow for and which I am "working around" and would love to see added. For me moving back and forth between keyboard and mouse is time consuming and has potential for muscle-joint injury. I do not use TD on mobile device hence do not understand that entry/display environment. Hope Vin considers my suggested organization to his OP a friendly idea.

1A) Can currently do in TD, but want alternative
01 Vin - Navigate Task list with arrow keys
02 Vin - Expand/collapse parent tasks
03 Edward - add Subtask: provide SCK (we have N for new Parent, but nothing for add subtask)
04 Edward - Notes: display/hide note content for just one task at a time with short cut key (current Note toggle requires mouse and since I use alot of notes, the screen gets pretty hard to navigate/understand with all notes toggled open).

05 Edward - Completion: provide SCK to mark as completed (isn't this what it is all about, getting to finished!)
06 Edward - Delete task: provide SCK to allow deletion.

1B) Can currently do in TD, but modify the method
01 Edward - Deletion: currently it is two mouse clicks since there is no SCK. At least allow in account settings that one can turn off that you must confirm each deletion.

02 Edward - Due/Start Date and Due/Start Time There are already simple keyboard abbreviations for quick entry:
Would like to enter & have TD make this
25 ...25th of current month
12n ...12th of next month
210p ...2:10pm
1410 ...2:10pm or 14:10
15r ...15th of current month & repeat monthly
17rq ...17th of month & repeat quarterly

03 Edward - Tags: Others have suggested some auto fill-in approach so tag entry is much faster; probably same applies for Contexts

2) Can not currently do in TD - must use work around
01 Vin - Rearrange tasks with ctrl+arrow keys


Vin as regards 1A)01 Under some circumstances there is some possibility of keyboard navigation of tasks. If you have a Parent Tasks with numerous subtasks, THEN if you are on a subtask you can use shift+tab to move up the subtasks above it. This allows for editing the subject information for all subtasks above the one you are on without leaving the keyboard. Of course Tab moves you horizontally within a given subtask. I find shift+tab helpful at times.

I believe that you recently added ctrl+r as SCK for screen refresh, however this is NOT in the Help documentation.

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