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Why I can't set alarm not related to due date?
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Posted: Feb 08, 2016
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It would be more better if I can set alarm to any time and date which I need.
For example, if due date for task is 01/12/16 and I need make a call about that task on 01/06/16 at 15:00 it will be better if I can set alarm on that time. I understand that I can make subtask, but it is not always clearly way

Posted: Feb 09, 2016
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It might help if you understand that TD is not an alarm application, it is primarily a task management application (with a lot of bells and whistles attached), so you can only set alarms on the Due Date of a task (or Habit), not at any random time. In your situation, I would create a separate task for the call, and set an alarm for that task. That's how TD works.

Posted: Feb 12, 2016
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Most Tasks can be competed by or on the 'Due Date' with TD alarm support. The notification however is not 'persistent' or snooze-able on Chrome.

However, there are a few Tasks which :
a) take time to complete so you want to be alerted by a 'Start Date'
b) or you prefer to finish off tomorrow although the absolute Due date is later.

TD does not have alarm support for Start Date.

My go to Android App "Ultimate To Do List" allows you the choice to set a Start Day alarm, persistent alarm, or insert a calendar entry for specific tasks that you consider critical (they inform that this alarm doesn't sync with TD). I find this useful in my workflow for getting things done.
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