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Posted: Mar 25, 2016
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Hi, it looks like Task Collaboration on iPhone is a feature being requested since 2010. The reply from you guys is always the same: "This is a top priority" or "working on that"...

Today is 03/25/2016 and my question is: is this really a priority for Toodledo? 6 years and we still cannot share a task with other users on iPhone. I am sure, a considerable number of people may use more the iPhone client than the web client.

So, what are your plans? Is this still a "priority" or are you guys "working" on that? Could you give an estimate?


Toodledo Founder
Posted: Mar 25, 2016
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We have already added many collaboration features to the iOS app since 2010. You can now reassign tasks, create joint tasks and manage joint tasks. The only collaboration feature that we haven't added yet is the ability to switch workspaces. This one is tricky for a variety of reasons and we haven't figured out a solution yet that works. The main two problems with workspace switching is Storage and Security. Not only do you have to store your tasks for offline access, but you have to store all of your collaborator's tasks. If you have 10 collaborators, and the app has to sync and store data for all 10 of them, the amount of data and time spent syncing can get out of hand. Additionally, with all of your collaborator's data stored offline on your phone, there is a real security concern. If the phone gets lost or stolen, all of the collaborator's data gets compromised, not just yours and we don't currently have a way to protect against this or even notify the collaborators if something like this happened. So, we've currently decided to leave this out of the app.

However, you can always use our website from your iPhone and check your collaborators workspace that way. It just won't be available offline.
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