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Peter Scott

Posted: Sep 17, 2016
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After ten years of asking for more levels of subtask it seems they are still not on the horizon. Let me propose something easier to implement. All the ancestor-descendant implications of a hierarchy are hard to deal with things like completing repeating tasks. I suggest instead you provide a field called "linked tasks" where the user can link to zero or more other tasks. There needs to be a way to refer to those tasks; perhaps each task could have a unique URL. When a task is linked from another one it creates a two-way relationship. I envisage something like this:

In the first task, under the "linked tasks" field, either drag other tasks, or paste the URL of a second task. (Not hard to imagine other ways such as autocomplete on field title, but let's keep this as simple as possible). Repeat as desired. Clicking on the entry for each linked task navigates to that task. In that linked task, a field called "links from" provides a clickable field to go back to the first task.

There's no need to worry about cycles, because they aren't a problem. You're giving the user the freedom to do whatever they want with this,including creating cycles. Deleting any task removes its entry in any "links from" fields and that's all that you have to do, and you can find those fields by following the "linked tasks" field entries in the task being deleted.

Although users could create all kinds of bizarre relationships this way, those who want subsubsubtasks can get that functionality. Please don't clog this thread with hard-to-implement project scheduling requests like wanting percentage completion or any other feature that forces my request into a hierarchical model, that'll just make this take another ten years.

So how about it, Toodledo? I get it that subsubtasks are too hard, they've been on your todo list for a decade. What about this instead?

Toodledo Admin
Posted: Sep 19, 2016
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It sounds like maybe this could live within the "Attachments" popup. Instead of attaching an Outline to a task (how we recommend that people do sub-subtasks), you could attach some tasks instead. I'll think about this.
Wayne T.

Posted: Sep 20, 2016
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+1 for this. Currently we cannot share subtasks to another user without sharing the parent task too. Hopefully this would allow for attached tasks to be shared independently. I currently have no use for attachments, but would be willing to upgrade for this functionality.

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