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Location-based notifications: how to silence future tasks?
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Posted: Sep 26, 2016
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Android here, trying out the notifications for tasks that are given a location that matches my present location via the official app.

What I notice is that when I get home, I get a task title with a number beneath (what does it even mean?). When I click on the notification, I get to whatever screen I last had open, be it a task, the outline, whatever. I would have hoped to get to the list of tasks that are marked as "home", and are active, i.e. had passed the start date. However, for the last week or so, the notification that the Android app shows me on my phone displays the title of a task that I can't start working on for the next two weeks...
Is there some setting I can change to make the notifications slightly more intelligent?

And as a second question: how close do I have to be for the app to register that I'm at location so-and-so? I understand that this is somewhat complicated to do perfectly, but for me, I'd like one very small radius for 'home', a slightly larger for 'my grocery store shopping mall', because a trip there may cover other stores in the same mall, but a larger radius for the next town over because if I'm only there once a week, I'd like to cover more separate errands in one trip - and divvying up that town into ten different locations makes no sense to me since it won't give me the overview I'd need when I plan the trip. Especially since quite a few of them may be one-offs .

The third issue is more of a feature request for multiple locations for one task. If I need to get to Safeway, I need the location to a Safeway, not the Safeway closest to home, if there is another one on my way home from work.


Toodledo Founder
Posted: Sep 26, 2016
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Our next update will improve the location alarms.

The number should show the number of tasks in that location.

It is not currently possible to have a different radius per location. The radius is currently 1km. We have tested lots of different radius, and this seems to strike a nice balance between accuracy and false positives, which happen when the phone has poor accuracy due to bad GPS reception.

It is not currently possible to set multiple locations for a task. Sorry.
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