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iPhone: Feedback on viewing subtasks
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Posted: Jul 03, 2009
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I'd like to provide some feedback on how subtasks are displayed on the iPhone app. I invite others to comment, correct, or provide alternative points of view to help produce the best solution.

Currently (iPhone 3.0 ver of app) I feel subtask management has a lot of room for improvement. Some specifics in order of importance to me:
1) When I display Starred or Hotist, subtasks that should be included in these lists are not if the subtasks filter is on. I'm sure this makes sense based on what the filter is designed to do, but in a real world application it's too easy to forget that the filter is on. Since seeing the entire hotlist or starred list is crucial to me to avoid accidentally missing something, I'm forced to avoid using the subtask filter altogether. I would expect any task or subtask that is starred or "hot" to be displayed. Perhaps the problem is the design of the global subtask filter.
2) Display subtasks nested/sorted beneath their parent task, inline with a larger task list. Currently one must drill down on a parent task to view a subtask list. This is sometimes useful, but when surveying all possible work it's nice to have everything in a single list, and in context with related work. IMO the current subtask sort method is kinda useless and has no real world application I can think of.
3) Indent subtasks a little to represent them more clearly as subtasks. The little icons on the right are not as visible as an indent. If that's not possible perhaps a smaller font size would make subtasks more distinctive.
4) Allow subtasks to be expanded/collapsed from the main list. The global subtask filter is not as easy and less practical as a result. A global show/hide button would be easy enough, but opening a menu is just difficult/slow enough to discourage it's use for me.

Thanks for listening.


These requests are not exotic: they are mostly just copying the behavior of the excellent web version. But since getting my iPhone I use the mobile app probably 80% of the time now.

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Posted: Jul 03, 2009
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Thanks for the suggestions!
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