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Enhancement to sub-task handling
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Posted: Oct 28, 2016
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Need someway to ensure that sub-tasks that are due or of higher priorities to do not get missed when using the Hidden option for sub-tasks. I can think of two ways of handlng this:

1) So we have the following options for sub-tasks: Inline, Hidden, and Indented. I would love to see sort of a hybrid of Hidden and Inline such that sub-tasks would remain hidden UNLESS they have a Due Date (or perhaps Status of Next Action) at which point they would show as Inline. At the very least I'd like the Due Date portion.

2) Another possibility would as follows. When sorting a list with Hidden sub-tasks consider the sub-tasks in the sort, but sort it's parent up to position of it's highest sub-task. For example, a parent task may have no due date, but during your planning session you decide one of the sub-tasks should be done today. Let the parent task sort up to Today based on that sub-task set to today. Even though, the parent task would have no due date, it would be very strong visual cue that I should crack that parent task open and check out the sub-tasks.

Otherwise, to ensure I'm not missing any sub-tasks that are due or of higher priority I have to run as either Inline or Indented, both of which can make for very long overall lists if you have lots of parents with sub-tasks.

Posted: Nov 01, 2016
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The 1) you can achieve even now with the Search view - you can search of tasks which are subtasks and have another parametr, be it status=Next Action or a Due Date. I had such a view once.

Posted: Nov 03, 2016
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Yes, I've essentially created several Saved Searches to give me 1), but I was just trying to avoid having to create a special filter. Actually, just discovered the settings for Indented mode subtasks in the preferences. If had a similar thing for Hidden mode that would be perfect!
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