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Searching notes (in summer 2016/17 version)
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Posted: Dec 03, 2016
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I haven't worked out how to use the search feature in the notes section in the new (Summer 2016/17) (Winter in the northern hemisphere) version of Toodledo.

Here's what I'm trying:

1. I click 'Notes', which takes me to

2. Click the '????' (magnifier) icon, which brings up a 'Search Notes' input field

3. Type a search term that I'm quite sure appears in the title of the note I'm looking for, and absolutely certain appears in the body of the note

4. Click the '????' (magnifier) icon that's adjacent to the 'Search Notes' field (not the same one as in step 2)

5. Nothing happens

I keep going to Ultimate To-Do List on my Android to access my Toodledo notes, because the search feature works. Even when I search Toodledo for the exact title of my note, it doesn't find it—the search feature doesn't seem to work at all. Am I missing a step, or is this a terrible bug that's somehow gone unfixed for some time?

Posted: Dec 03, 2016
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Gah—for some reason, this forum changes the '????' character (the 'left-pointing magnifier' character, codepoint 1F50D), to four question marks. C'mon, people! It's 2016! There's no excuse for not supporting Unicode, especially in a new system!!

In any case, I think I've worked out what's going on: numbers appear next to the folders, showing how many notes in each folder contain the search term. Most of them are zero, of course, so it requires scrolling and manual searching to see which folders have results, and then I have to go to each folder to see if it contains the note I'm looking for. I'm pretty sure that the old version did what I wanted: just show the notes. This seems a pretty dramatic backward step in UX. Is there a trick for making this more user-friendly?

Toodledo Founder
Posted: Dec 05, 2016
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If you click the "All Notes" tab in the ribbon on the left side of the page first, then when you do a search, it will show all the matching notes, without the folder grouping.
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