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Potential Bug in Outlines
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Posted: Jan 05, 2017
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I was making an outline and two things happened, thing one is that when I am at the bottom of a page and I click on the chevron to the right of a list item it only opens the pop up menu down so i can't see all the choices that are there. I first went and tried to pull down on the page to make more room, but that made the pop up menu disappear. this is somewhat normal expected behavior, however when I reopen the pop-up menu I still can't see the last couple of choices on it. Shouldn't that be opening upwards if one is near the bottom of a page?

The other thing that was happening was that I was getting a pop-up message saying that my outline had been updated to a newer version, completely uncalled for by me. Worse, when that happens items that I had tabbed (usually rightward) had moved back to the left. Maybe Outlines needs a save button?

I'm on a Macbook pro and this happened in Chrome, Safari and Firefox. I also rebooted my computer, because I always think I'm the one doing it wrong.

Thanks as always

Toodledo Founder
Posted: Jan 06, 2017
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The popup menu should flip up top if it would be below the bottom of the page. I'll look into this.

As for the "update to a newer version" bug. This happens when you have edited the same outline in two different web browsers. For example, you edit it in Browser A and it saves. Then you open Browser B and start to edit the same outline, then it syncs and realizes that there is a newer version of the outline and you are looking at the old version. In this case, it updates the outline you are viewing with the newer one you created in Browser A. If you had made changes in Browser B, those changes will be lost. To avoid this, you can reload the page when switching between browsers/computers. This will make it sync right away and get the newest version of things.

Posted: Jan 06, 2017
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So I guess I did the second one to myself as I was trying to see how the menu would behave in different browsers. Figures! Thank you for looking into the menu box problem. :)

Posted: Mar 08, 2017
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I am experiencing the same issues.

The pop-up menu does not flip upward. However, I can scroll within it (not the outline itself) and the outline moves upward and the remaining menu choices are revealed. I actually had never even noticed that chevron before Joyce pointed it out. ;-)

My main issue is that the unrequested "Update to a newer version" notification causes my screen to jump to the top of the outline. I saw a similar issue reported in a locked thread back in January 2016. Your advice then was to sign out, clear cache and then sign back in. I have done this and it is still happening, although maybe not as frequently?? It will do this every 3 to 10 minutes.

I have not noticed any individual lines moving left, or right, as reported by Joyce.

I do not use any browser other than Chrome. I have not worked on, or accessed Outlines other than on my PC.
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