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What happened to tabbing through fields?
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Posted: Mar 08, 2017
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In the previous version I could be in the task field and then press the tab key to move through the different fields. This was really useful if I wanted to change the estimated time, due date, etc... because I could do it through the keyboard rather than needing to use the mouse. The new version seems to have disabled this as tabbing now only moves through certain fields (and not the ones I want it to). Has anyone else noticed this / identified a way around it?

Toodledo Founder
Posted: Mar 08, 2017
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You should still be able to tab and even use the arrow keys to move the highlighted cell to any cell that you want. Then press "return" or "space" to start editing it. Can you please explain which certain fields you aren't able to select?

Posted: Mar 08, 2017
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Ditto... tabbing. I live by keyboard shortcuts.

I tried the new layout preview in both Chrome and Firefox on Win10. My screen layout is...

[Cmpl, Star, Submenu, Attach, Notes, Move], Task, Status, Priority, Folder, Context, etc. I used to be able to (in Firefox) edit the TASK field of an existing task, tab to Status and hit the first letter of the status, tab to Priority and hit the number, tab to Folder and hit the first letter of my Folder, tab to Context... etc. I never "dropped down" the [select] [option] lists.

Editing a TASK, using TAB, the only "active" elements on the screen are Cmpl, Star, Submenu, Attach, and back to Cmpl. In both Chrome and Firefox.
Mouse-click in STATUS, keyboard-click... uh, V is for Active? R for Reference. P for Planning. What about Postponed?
Mouse-click in PRIORITY, keyboard-click... the numbers don't work anymore. T=top, H=high. But I couldn't find any keys to select 0 Low or -1 Neg.
And with both STATUS and PRIORITY, the up/down arrow keys seem to work OK.
But changing your mind (e.g. click P for Planning, no wait, I meant C for Canceled!) doesn't seem to work anymore.

Mouse-click in FOLDER or CONTEXT, start typing: I see... dynamic filtering the list based on the string appearing *anywhere* in the word. Nifty. I'll probably to rename my folders so they are more unique, but that's workable.

As long as there is *some* key to select every option in a list, and as long as there is *some* key to move between columns (Status to Priority, etc), I'm happy.

Thanks for all your work on ToodleDo. Love it!

Toodledo Founder
Posted: Mar 09, 2017
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I can confirm that the tab key doesnt seem to work all the time. I will work on this. In the meantime try using the arrow keys instead to move from cell to cell. Then press the return key to edit it.

The way the typing works is that it tries to match what you are typing to one of the options. So if you are editing Status and you type "p" it will highlight "planning" because its the first word with a p in it. If you keep typing "po" then it will select "postponed" because its the only option with a "po" in it. If you typed "po" and then change your mind and want a different option, you can wait 2 seconds for it to reset and you can type again, or you can use the arrow keys to go up or down the menu to select the option you want.

You can still use the keyboard for everything. Its just that the exact sequence of keystrokes that you do is slightly different from the old design to the design so it may take a little getting used to.

Posted: Mar 09, 2017
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These are the inconsistencies I found :

- Doesn't tab through the Location field
- Doesn't select 0 or Negative with first character
- No consistency in selecting options for fields with first character (some open input box and shortlist items, some grey select item from menu). Shortlisting items is better.
- When clicking large round Tasks icon on left to refresh page it moves from current selected page to "Recently Completed tasks" page.
- Tabbing through a task does not take me through all fields in sequence. It stops at the Parent / Subtask column, then again at the Location column.
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