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Tasks Beta seemingly not renewing/displaying repeating tasks
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Posted: Apr 09, 2017
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Not sure how best to describe this bug, but I have several repeating daily tasks that I checked off today that now seem seem to have vanished from the new Tasks Beta - but they *are* still visible in the old Tasks. Or, to put it simply, I only have 4 to-dos in my "Due Today" custom search view on Tasks Beta, but 6 to-dos in Tasks Classic.

Even worse, Tasks Beta shows no tasks in the built-in "Due Today" view... the sidebar lists only 4 to-dos, but the main window says "All of the tasks in this list are hidden by filters", even if I turn off all the display filters. I get the same in all Dates views, even if I choose All Tasks.

Toodledo Founder
Posted: Apr 11, 2017
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Did you check them off in the old/classic interface or the new interface?

If refreshing the page does not cause those missing tasks to appear, you can try signing out of Toodledo and then sign back in.
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