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Truly "hiding" tasks
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Posted: Nov 03, 2017
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I have real problems with focus and obsessive task creation.

I need a way to REALLY REALLY hide tasks that I'm not ready to delete, but don't want to see.

Folders won't work because, if it's an archive folder, I can't see it to move tasks to it easily.

Contexts and other options won't work because it's too easy to "accidentally" see them, if I don't have my filtering correct at any given time.

I use Searches all the time, but the filters on those seem to NOT be saved, so that doesn't really help (I, again, accidentally see tasks I don't really want to see.

So I decided that the only real way to hide these low-level tasks, while putting my mind at ease that they're recoverable if I need them, is to create a second account and move them there.

But the only ways that I can see to move them are to
1) email them from the first account to the second, but then I lose the date added and date modified on the task (for aging);
2) export them to CSV, but then I still lose the dates and also have to handle manually going back to the sending account to delete them, and have to edit the CSV so as to NOT move ALL tasks to the second account.

Is there any other easy way to either REALLY hide tasks (I want a folder that is hidden but that I can move stuff to!) or to easily move them to another account (not copy/delete, but MOVE) ?


Posted: Nov 03, 2017
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Have you tried using negative priorities for those tasks and hide them using eye-icon filters? Or to set start date far in the future and hide Future tasks with the same icon?

Posted: Nov 03, 2017
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Thanks. I use the eye-icon filters A LOT. It's not adequately keeping these items from my view. I defer them as HOLD status, but if my search/filter isn't right, I see them, and they're distracting me.
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