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Sort by Lifelong Goals? (aka Lifetime Goals)
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Posted: Dec 11, 2017
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When planning actions to perform, I feel like I am missing out on how to utilize the hierarchical organization of Goals: Lifelong, Long-Term, Short-Term. TD provides the ability to sort by Goal, but that sort is only by immediate goal-name, and ignores what Lifelong goal a particular task is a part of. What I want to do is sort my daily tasks by Lifelong goal, so that, e.g. work is clustered in one section of the listing, home/family a different part of the listing, and so forth.

However, I don't see a way to add Lifelong goal as one of the fields to be displayed, or sorted upon.

For example, for planning the day, I would sort actionable pending tasks by 1) Lifelong goal, 2) Priority, and 3) Date Due, to then give a Star to the ones I can accomplish today, to then be viewed in the Starred display. When planning, I don't want the things I must do for my family (priority 3) to clutter up my needed work tasks, which is why I want to sort by Lifelong goal.

One kludge is to assign numbers as the first character of each goal-name, where the number of a Long-term or Short-term goal is inherited from the Lifelong goal they are a part of. However, that way, each subgoal gets its own divider, and I want all goals pertaining to a particular Lifelong goal to be grouped and sub-sorted together.

Another kludge is to manually enter the Lifelong goal as a sort key in the Tag field (which would also be useful for controlling what group of tasks is displayed by means of the eyeball icon). However, that duplicates information that is already inherent in each task entry. Also, because of a huge number of tasks and obligations and roles in my life, I am trying to take advantage of what TD does automatically, and minimize the amount of manual "grooming" of my todo list that I have to do each day -- I don't want to have to manually add a sort-key to the tag field every time I create a new task.

I am aware that for purposes of retrospective review, I can look at the Goal Chains to see where time has been spent. But I want to figure out how to use the hierarchical organization of goals for planning purposes ahead of time as well.

I've searched the forums for answers to this but haven't found much (other than most postings call the highest level goal a "Lifetime" goal rather than the name of the field "Lifelong"). There is this discussion from 2011: . Any suggestions or pointers appreciated.
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