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Adjusting to new layout keyboard shortcuts
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Posted: Jun 01, 2018
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As others have mentioned in other topics, heavy keyboard user, here, having trouble adjusting to the loss of keyboard navigation in the old layout (which I believe I was advised to stay in, having some synch issues) and changes to keyboard navigation in the new layout.

My field order is Folder | Due Date | Repeat | Start Date | Task | Status | Goal | Tag

My habit is to start at the far right, editing new tasks in my "Inbox" folder, to edit the tag, goal, status, and then Folder (which acts as my priority).

I click once in tag and am adjusting to how to edit that without a mouse. Then I back-tab to the other fields. However, when I get to Task and back tab - it jumps me over all the other fields to the left and the cursor ends up on the "Note" icon.

I really hate mice, and I hate touchpads even more, so life is difficult enough for me these days. Some of us "old-timers" just want to stick to the keyboard, where we used to be able to get damned near everything done.

Any idea why I cannot reliably back-tab through ALL of the fields?

Toodledo Founder
Posted: Jun 01, 2018
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It does seem that back-tabbing from the "tasks" column has a bug. I'll look into this. In the meantime try using the arrow keys instead of tab.
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