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Feature suggest: exclude overdue tasks from hotlist
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Posted: Jul 07, 2018
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Face it: an overdue task that is overdue for a couple of days isn't that hot any longer. If you could delay it that long it can be delayed a bit longer even if it has a high priority. But sometimes you don't want to delete this task or give it a new due date, because of psychology. You want to do the task and you want to do it soon, but the other tasks are more important at the moment. For people like me, who have this problem, the Hotlist can get cluttered and the real important tasks are going under. It would be great if you could exclude overdue tasks from the hotlist or ideally overdue tasks that are older than X (free choice) days.



Posted: Jul 08, 2018
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Agree re Hotlist, but is should be even more configurable than that, and should be number 1 on the development list.

Should be able to decide ourselves whether hotlist is created based on whether it has a star, which priority, date due (overdue, today etc) and so on. As the apple watch and daily email are based on hotlist, we need more control over what is covered

Posted: Jul 09, 2018
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I second this.

Toodledo Founder
Posted: Jul 09, 2018
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Thanks for the suggestion. One way to do this right now is to create a "Saved Search" with your own criteria and use it instead of the built in Hotlist.

Posted: Jul 10, 2018
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An overdue task really needs to be reviewed and assigned a new due date, if you just allow them to linger you’re falling into procrastination trap, once there’s enough of overdue tasks the entire task system is no longer reliable.

For me, a far better working approach is to use the start date to trigger task action (even if it’s merely postponing the date) and only use due dates for tasks with real deadlines. This way I know that every task with a due date must be done by that date and can’t be postponed.

Just my $.02...

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