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Subtasks in Android: Bug of 'feature'
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Dave Gannon

Posted: Aug 12, 2018
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I noticed something strange with subtasks in the Android app and finally figured out what is going on.

On my desktop computer, in the browser, I set up a folder called 'Projects'. I list my projects here with no due date and a priority of -1. (I use the -1 priority for projects so I can filter them out of searches for 'no due date' items (someday maybe list).) For action items under the projects, I set up subtasks - which usually are not stored in the 'Projects' folder. I give these items the 'Next Action' status and give the actual next action a due date.

Everything in the browser works perfectly...subtasks due on a specific date show up on those dates and if I want an overview of a project (weekly review), I can go do the Projects folder, expand the subtasks and see all the subtasks - even those not stored in the Projects folder.

On the Android app, if I go to the Projects folder, all the projects are listed (I have show Negative Priority Tasks and Future Tasks selected under the 'Show' options). If I open a project, it will state that there are subtasks. If I tap on the subtasks to actually see them, no tasks are listed and a statement of "You've done everything in this tab!' is displayed.

I looked at all of my projects and some subtasks were displaying but most weren't. I finally figured out the reason: the only subtasks showing up were ones that were actually saved in the 'Projects' folder. Those saved anywhere else (or in no folder) don't show up.

This results in no easy way to view/review subtasks for projects in my set up on the Android app. I guess I could go back and save all project subtasks into the project folder...just wondering if anyone knew of another way of doing this.
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