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Frustrations with Toodledo
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Posted: Aug 03, 2009
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I'm coming from the Palm/Blackberry world and I'm having some challenges with Toodledo, unfortunately. I'll list them here, some of them are interface issues and iPhone guidelines which, quite frankly, I think are inane at times. On the Blackberry you've got RexWireless' ToDo Matrix which is a very complex and easy to use GTD manager. on the Palm there was an amazing one called Bonsai which really took advantage of the touch screen on the Palm. I feel that with TD, everything takes forever, back and forth, etc.

1) In ability to view tasks and subtasks easily, e.g. list of tasks or items in a folder with a simple expand/contract to see the items below it. Navigation is beyond laborious.

2) Inability to move a task to a subtask of another task.You have to delete a task then recreate it again in task's subtask. Not optimal.

3) Can't set time for due date - What good are reminders without time to set?

4) No flexibility for synching times - not critical since synch on edit is good, although there should be one to check daily, etc. for changes only on the web client.

5) No ability to easily create a new folder for an item in the folder tab if you don't have the folder you want yet. You must back out and go to folders, and one, then go back and edit the todo item.

6) Easy ability to enter data instead of constant back and forth. On many iPhone apps, like this one, you have to switch screens just for a single dropdown. For example, enter folder has to take you to another page with folders. Same with priority - which not a simple dropdown and done?

Toodledo Founder
Posted: Aug 03, 2009
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Thanks for the feedback. I'll answer a few here:

3) You can set a due-time. Read here:
4) Apple does not allow apps to run in the background, hence the inability to sync at pre-defined times.
6) This is how Apple's Human Interface Guidelines dictate for it to work.

Posted: Aug 03, 2009
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Thanks for the consideration. Regarding the above:

3) Thanks - perhaps toggled the other way for default might be more appropriate.

4) It's gotten to the point where I'm considering dumping the iPhone because of Apple's ruining any real progress for the iPhone. How about checking to see when the last time sync ran and making sure it runs once a day? This way you can prevent the incessant "I'm always checking" mentality Apple has that runs down the battery on my 3GS. Perhaps you can create a jailbreak version? :)

6) Thanks for the explanation. I call it the Inane Interface Guidelines for seniors who need simplicity and have plenty of time while living out their days in a warm environment. Dropdowns have existed for over a decade... I guessed this might be the case and I'll have to live with this.

Most of all, many thanks for super quick responses and consideration for some very useful ideas that will be of common use.

Posted: Aug 09, 2009
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Hi guys -

After playing with the application even more, I realize how well you created it and how functional it is in spite of the rich control freaks running the show at Apple. The more I use the iPhone, the more I realize that development for the platform is about how to work around the inane restrictions that prevent common sense necessity from being included in a product. I can sync with 574 cloud computers, wireless sync in 92 galaxies but we still can't have background alarms, set alarms to a unique and audible tone and have a proper snooze button. Yes, I'm sure Apple will deliver it perfectly some time within the next decade... and anyone with the need of keeping their agenda will have long since migrated elsewhere. Kudos on a fine product and look forward to the enhancements iterated above.
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