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Toodledo sharing data with 3rd parties
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Posted: Oct 16, 2018
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I was recently doing a security review, checking which services were sharing my information with Facebook and was alarmed to see Toodledo on the list. I raised a Support Ticket and got this reply:

In short for advertisement we are using Google Adwords and Facebook. We also have retargeting campaigns with them. It is similar to other sites like when you visit the site, you see the ads of same site. It is based on the cookie.

For improving our services we use Google Analytics.

For payments we are using Stripe and Paypal.

At max, only Name and Email is shared among different services and we have to do that to track our conversions and improve on our services.

I’ve been a paid user of Toodledo for 10 years now and this is scary. Incidentally, I use different email addresses for Toodledo, Paypal and Facebook, specifically to partition my online activities. Yet my Toodledo and Facebook profiles have been matched.

Toodledo’s Privacy Policy does state:

By using Toodledo, you explicitly consent to, and authorize us to sub-contract in this manner.

I am located in Europe and thought the GDPR law does not allow this type of blanket consent?

Any security specialists on here – should I be worried?

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Kyle Otaku

Posted: Oct 16, 2018
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GDPR applies to EU citizens working with companies that have a EU presence. Just being on the Internet doesn't make one a EU company - they would have to have an office somewhere in the EU.

That being said, I would be worried too. ;-) But if you're using Facebook at all, you've already given up all your personal info.
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