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Sync problem with android and time frames?
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Posted: Mar 10, 2019
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Wondering what the outlook is on this. I have read the blog updates, but I am not feeling a confidence about when this problem is expected to be resolved. I am a Gold subscriber, for multiple years, but I am actively looking for an alternative to Toodledo because the android app will not consistently sync. You have made some great changes which I am not implementing, because I don't want to become excited about something that does not fulfill my most basic need.

I will not un-install and reinstall multiple times a week to be able to see my list on my phone. I think that is an unreasonable solution, especially since at any given moment I may not have the time for that process - I just want to see my list. Worse, items entered to the phone don't seem to make it to the desk top consistently, regardless of install/uninstall procedures. I am certain I am not the only person who needs to be confident that the items I am trying to capture really do get captured!

Seriously. I want to know what the expected timing for a solution to this is - a week? a month? a year? I have been spoiled by having had an amazing Toodledo experience for years. I have become reliant on having my list available on both my phone and desktop; my productivity has been negatively impacted by this issue and that is a problem I must resolve. I can't to stick around indefinitely. I need to know what the anticipated time line is. (and I understand that unexpected issues come up all the time, I understand that if you say 2 months, it might be 4 because of such problems. I just need a best guess please!)

Posted: Apr 04, 2019
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I was hoping for a resolution to this too. But since it's now 4th April it looks like nobody's going to answer it!

My problem isn't as serious as yours - mine randomly fails to sync a couple of times a day SINCE MY PHONE UPGRADED ITSELF TO ANDROID 9 (PIE), never had an issue before that. Fortunately doing a manual sync (or just waiting until it gets a round tuit itself!) forces it to sync ok. I don't mind if it doesn't sync very often and I'm considering changing it to autosync LESS often, because the main issue for me is that every time it fails to sync I get a very loud notification sound which I can't turn off because that would turn off my reminder alarms! Would be a workaround for me if they enabled turning off the sync alarm but keeping the reminder alarm :o)

Actually there's a workaround for you too... I had to bin Ultimate Todo because from January Toodledo decided not to support sync with 3rd party apps unless you have a Toodledo paying subscription (I have just the free sub). That was really sad, because Ultimate Todo is much much MUCH MUCH MUCH better than Toodledo's crummy app, and I'd paid for Ultimate Todo, although it's a very cheap one-off payment to get the Pro. SO if I were in your shoes, with a paid Toodledo sub, I would go straight back to Ultimate Todo and forget all the worries!

Anant G.

Toodledo Admin
Posted: Apr 09, 2019
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We are working on the new mobile apps and trying our best to release an update soon.
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