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option to auto-roll an incomplete task to the next day/week/mth
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Posted: Apr 04, 2019
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Hi guys

I love Toodledo and use it multiple times per day. However, I tend to include due dates on a lot of tasks that would be "nice to do" rather than "need to do". For those tasks, I would love to have the ability to automatically have them bump their due date forward a day (or week/month) once the current due date passes. Without it, I am constantly pushing the remaining tasks forward. This is not only time consuming, but fairly demoralising. It's like a list of things you haven't done, day after day! : )

Obviously the psychological aspect of this is my problem, but it seems that - assuming the ability to do this isn't already there and I'm just missing it - many might benefit by being able to tag these kinds of tasks in this manner. Just to clarify, I would not expect this to be the default, or for it to apply to all tasks - overdue tasks are useful as well.


Posted: Apr 04, 2019
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I am afraid, this cannot be done automatically. For a free plan I would suggest e.g. tagging such tasks with something like "no-deal" or whatever (status Someday with due dates?), then once a day/week search/filter for such tasks which are overdue, batch edit their due dates.

Posted: Apr 15, 2019
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What you want to do is easy to accomplish using the due date modifier of "Optionally On". (Or is this modifier not available in the free version?)

If an "Optionally On" task is a one-time event and you don't give the task a repeat, it automatically disappears after the event passes (e.g. a gallery opening). If it is something that you do over and over so that you do give it a repeat, it is automatically rescheduled if you skip it (e.g. put out the trash, give it a weekly repeat, if you end up skipping it one week put it out, the task gets automatically scheduled to the next week's trash day). I also use this for tasks without specific dates I want to be reminded of from time to time, but don't want annoying me every day.

When adding or editing a task, click on the due date box. By default it is due "By" (highlighted in blue), but instead you can click on any of the other due date modifiers On, After, Optionally On.

Due date modifiers are really useful, read more about them in help:

I find all of the due date modifiers useful in various situations. Instead of thinking about the meaning of the different modifiers, I think about what kind of behavior I want. If I want something to show up as Overdue to really remind me to do it, I use Due By. If it is something I can do only on the specific date (like an appointment), I use use Due On and include a time (that way I can get a list of appointments by filtering for tasks with a Due Time, and Sort by Due Date). If it is something that I cannot address until after a certain date, I use "Due After'. Finally, I use "Due Optionally On" as described above.

Posted: Apr 16, 2019
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Srewolf's idea is of course better - I did not think of that, because I thought you were postponing the due dates by a variable value (e. g. first for a day, then for a week, for the same task). But if you always postpone the task for the same ammount, then Due Optionally On is definitely the way to.

Posted: Apr 18, 2019
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I accomplish a similar result by using start dates and a saved search that grabs all dated tasks. I only use due date when a task has a real due date. One of the biggest benefits for me is scheduling tasks in the future that show up at the top of my list on their start date. For real due dates in the future, the start date will be maybe 1 week prior.

Posted: May 07, 2019
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Thanks for the suggestions, all. Apologies for the late response - I wanted to give myself some decent time to go through the suggested solution.

Optionally on sounded good, except it needs to be a recurring task, otherwise it will "be automatically removed". That's not what I'm looking for here - the goal is that if I couldn't get to this "nice to do" item, I'd simply like the due date to automatically drop back by X days/weeks.

Assuming there's not way to automate this, then the batch edit option is probably the way to go. I've just made an attempt, but for the life of me I cannot get my search to save today. It's probably a lack of sleep due to timezone differences and GoT. I'll give it another shot after some sleep.

Thanks again

edit - it's not sleep deprivation, but the new ToodleDo format which has made saved searches a subscription option. That makes me feel less insane.

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Posted: May 27, 2019
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My solution for this problem may work for you too. I view tasks exclusively through saved searches, and my main saved search shows things not done, and due one month in the past to one month in the future, or if it has the tag "Sticky". So when I want to make sure a task continues to haunt me, I add the "Sticky" tag, and it will stay in the "Due in the past" section until done.

The size of the "Due in the past" is a measure of how I am doing, and I try to keep it small. Sometimes that means realizing some tasks have arbitrary due dates and need to be moved.
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