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full history and deleting completed tasks setting
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Posted: May 12, 2019
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I am really confused about where my old completed tasks have gone. I've used Toodledo for quite a few years. When the subscription categories changed, I signed up for the Plus yearly plan to have a Full History of tasks, since I use Toodledo sort of like a diary. Today I went looking for a task completed in July 2018 because I needed the notes from it and couldn't find the task. I then realized that any completed task older than 6 months is gone. I have no recollection of ever changing the Setting of "Delete Completed Tasks" to 6 months (and can't imagine that I would do that since that's not how I use Toodledo). Is this something that was set as the default when I signed up for the new Subscription category?

What exactly does "Full History" mean?

I am really confused as to what is going on here....Thanks for any help/info...

Posted: May 13, 2019
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It seems that you are really confused ... ;-)

I suggest you contact Toodledo support directly.
It's been over two weeks since someone from Toodledo answered a question in the forums.

Posted: May 13, 2019
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In case it helps: I just checked, and my history has tasks completed as far back as April 2015, over 10,000 of them. (I didn't realize I had started with Toodledo that long ago.) I am currently subscribed at the gold level (I needed a full history).

I didn't see an easy way to get a list of my completed tasks, so I constructed a saved search "Done Tasks" that simply looked for tasks whose "Checked Off" is Yes. I've also made saved searches of Done in the last Week and Done in the last 30 Day, for ease of use.

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Posted: May 14, 2019
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@Purveyor - LOL you picked up on my confusion, huh? :^) I was trying hard not to freak completely out because I know the answer is going to be that those old tasks are gone forever, including all my notes. Still trying not to hyperventilate. And realizing it just may be time to switch to something else since I really don't like the way the company is handling bugs and improvements (Android app has lots of issues - random crashes and now I can't search tasks at all). Thanks also for the heads up about lack of response here. I will contact Support directly.

@Srewolf - thanks for the suggestion. I tried it and it still looks like anything older than 6 months was deleted. I will be interested to hear from Support as to whether my Settings were always like this (and I just happened to never search for anything older than 6 months before) or whether the new subscription categories changed the setting.
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