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Why can't priorities be color coded different?
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Posted: Aug 14, 2009
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My original post is below. I'm frankly shocked by this response to this suggestion:

Posted on Jul 21, 2009 22:46 by Toodledo:
This isn't possible, but thanks for the suggestion.

Are you really kidding me? Can't change a color associated with a priority category?!? If you can assign two different colors for Top and High priorities, you can change those to different colors (like recommended below) and new colors for Medium and Low can be added. This is some pretty simple html coding, and while I'm not an html coding expert, I know enough to know what is is in the realm of the possible. Sorry, but throwing the "B.S. flag" on this response.


Posted by prm in March 2009:
"Is it possible to user defined color cods to display the tasks under different PRIORITIES. Current color differentiation of priorities is not that good.
Example - RED for TOP Priority, GREEN - for HIGH priority YELLOW - Medium and BLUE for LOW etc"

While this has not been touched since March 2009 on the Forums, and I'm a new Toodledo user (about 2 weeks, but I've become a devoted fan!!!), this would be a great add/fix.

Concur that the current colors for Top and High are tough to differentiate. How hard to be able to choose your own colors for each of the priorities?

Thanks for a great product and hope to see it continue to improve.

Posted on Jul 21, 2009 22:46 by Toodledo:
This isn't possible, but thanks for the suggestion.

Posted: Aug 14, 2009
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When Toodledo said it isn't possible, they were not saying that it could not be implemented, simply that you can't currently change those things in your Account Settings or anything. Also, when Toodledo sticks the "Thanks for the suggestion" tag on something, it is added to their to do list for keeping track of suggestions.

There is a greasemonkey script that Vin, a fellow Toodledoer created which color codes the Priorities a little differently. It doesn't use the exact colors you are asking for, but you may want to check it out if you use Firefox.

Finally, please don't make duplicate posts. It's not like one is going to be overlooked. Everything is read in these forums. Thanks.

Posted: Nov 17, 2009
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I agree that color coding by the user would be great or at the very least a standard color scheme set by Toodledo.

I just want to add that Toodledo is great about responding to our questions and they are very active with the Toodledo forums. This in itself is great because it's something that many other sites lack.

Anders is correct in that the response was not stating that it can't be done, but that WE the user can't do it at this time.

No suggestion can be implemented fast enough for any of us. Trust me, I am guilty of this myself. We get frustrated with what seems like something simple and easy to do.

Regardless of it's complexity, we must understand that many other things are currently being worked on and Toodledo has to set Priorities for themselves to accomplish them all. They can't all be done at once or as soon as they are suggested.

I am one of the most impatient people on the forums, but I have to stop and remind myself of this all the time.

Just a thought.

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