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Posted: Aug 14, 2009
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I've used toodledo for over a year now and I want to put out my thoughts.

First: Customer communication *rocks*. I often use toodledo as an example of how a service provider should deal with their users.

Second: The system is pretty darn good for single users. What I most wanted early on was sub-folders, but the reality is that you can make toodledo work really well with what there is, so I'm over that.

Third: The attention to import/export methods, firefox/google plugins and the iPhone app is much appreciated.

Fourth: It is inevitable that if you use toodledo for yourself, you also want to use it for your group (whether workplace or other project). I think sharing is the one area where more work could pay off in more users.

I do understand that this means a lot of work; I also appreciate that toodledo are happy for multiple people to use a single account (how many providers do that ?) in order to get around some of the issues. The problem is that a shared account is all very well if that is all you have - but for people who already use toodledo personally, it's a messy solution - having to log in and out and so on.

Now ideally, the way sharing would work is like this: I and "Joe" and "Mo" have a folder that is shared; our view of the folder is common (all context is preserverd, such as folder name and task name for subtasks); I can assign stuff to Joe, but me, Joe and Mo all see it in our view of the folder; when Joe does the item, Mo and I get notified.

I also want a pony.

So, given all that is more work that can be reasonably accomplished, what can be done? Eventually it occurred to me that for practical purposes, the most important part of all that is the common view. As long as everybody can *see* what everybody is meant to be doing, it doesn't matter if only I can tick things off - so Joe can tell me when he's done something, and I'll deal with disposing the item.

The pony then is more affordable: What I want is to be able to "expose" a saved search. For example, publish the view that I would get as a result of a saved search, with the same sorting options, as an HTML page (saddle for the pony: an HTML table with user-sortable columns).

Is that "easy"? Can I do it with the existing public API - I'm happy to have a go, but I am concerned about authentication. Security via obfuscation would be fine I think - but one would need to obfuscate per saved search, so that I could give one URL to my husband (context:town folder:errands) and one to my minions (folder:BigProject) without them being able to reverse engineer the other.

(By the way, I wish there would be a separate features request forum - putting these in with Questions doesn't always feel right. Maybe it should have gone to Developers since it is an API question, sorry.)

Posted: Aug 15, 2009
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I fully agree with you. Toodledo can sell more Licences, if we are able to have shared folders/tasks. Just as RTM.
I know we can use the Collaborators function, but that involves unnecessary steps.

I wish I could share all my work tasks with my secretary, but keep private tasks private.

If this would be possible (please look at Remember the Milk), then I would buy another subscription for my secretary.

Posted: Aug 17, 2009
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Absolutely agree. I've just started to use Toodledo with my boss, but this feature would help us much more! Or at least to see collaborator in my iphone app.

Toodledo Founder
Posted: Aug 19, 2009
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We do plan to overhaul our collaboration tools in a future update. This is one of our most frequently requested items.

Posted: Sep 01, 2009
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Would also love to see collaborator on the iphone aswell as more notification features.
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