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ToodleDo Failed, How to Migrate to a New App
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Posted: Oct 29, 2020
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ToodleDo app on iOS barely functions at all anymore, taking way too long to switch between screens, add a new task, sync, etc. I am ready to move to a new app. Any suggestions on how best to migrate my 1000 tasks?

Posted: Oct 29, 2020
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Do you know what you want to migrate them to?

You can export the tasks to several file formats.


Posted: Nov 05, 2020
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I've been moving about 650 tasks out of Toodledo to various other products (Todoist, Microsoft To Do, TickTick, etc.) Only a few of them make it convenient.

Although TickTick looks best IMO, you have to be careful -- its Toodledo import does not import notes attached to tasks. They did not respond when I asked them "WTF?"

Remember The Milk can import a Toodledo XML backup file, and that works well. All fields get imported.

Zenkit Todo can also import from Toodledo, but it is missing saved searches, tags and contexts, so not useful to me.

What I eventually did was export .CSV from Toodledo, then import the .CSV into Outlook 365 on Windows (with a bit of rearranging of fields). At that point I could use Microsoft To Do as well as Outlook tasks. That takes me back to where I was years ago after Palm Desktop, but it works fine.

I wanted to try TickTick, but what I had to do to load up all my tasks is go onto my iPhone and connect Apple Reminders to my Hotmail account (this gets the Outlook tasks into Reminders), then in the TickTick IOS app, import from Reminders. That worked perfectly, but what a convoluted process.

So now I am using Microsoft To Do. I already have an Office 365 account, so that's the best solution for me, and the To Do product is simple and effective. If that were not the case, I would be using TickTick.

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Posted: Nov 05, 2020
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A word of caution - when using MS Todo, do NOT also sync the same Outlook account tasks to Reminders. Something, somewhere, screwed up sync along the way, and it was a nightmare.

I was using ToDo for many months, and it's not a bad product. However, I eventually stopped using it, and went with GoodTask on my iOS devices, syncing to my MS Office 365 via Reminders. I lost the ability to sync attachments between Outlook and iPhone / iPad. I gained however the ability to combine multiple accounts in the same mobile app, recurrence from completion (sorely missed), the ability to sync subtasks with Outlook (*), the ability to have templated tasks with subtasks, location alerts, extremely powerful saved custom filters (views) that can be easily replicated in desktop Outlook using custom views, quick rescheduling of tasks, widgets, AW app, etc.

GoodTask still supports attachments, but they don't sync outside of app. It is running on top of Reminders, so it very neatly integrates in them. Take a look.

(*) the subtasks in GT look pretty much like steps in ToDo, i.e. they have a checkbox but no due date or any other attributes. What makes them really neat though is that when you add a subtask to GT, it shows up as plaintext in the notes field of Reminders. And it works both ways. So, if I open an Outlook task on my desktop, and type this into Notes field

[ ] Task A
[x] Task B
[ ] Tack C

In GoodTask, I will get three subtasks, with Task B checked off (completed). This opens up all kinds of possibilities for using templates, automated subtask population, etc. Also, subtasks can be dragged out to be copied into individual tasks, and tasks can be dragged (copied) into other tasks as subtasks.Also, using Conditional Formatting in Outlook views, I can see what tasks have subtasks (e.g. the tasks with [ ] in Notes field are underlined). A very neat system.

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