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Posted: Jan 25, 2021
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Hey All.

I am a loyal Toodledo Fan here. 13 years, and 90,000 tasks later, this was my favorite app. Sure I had to export completed tasks, because I hit the limit often, and the android app never worked, but the functionality was awesome.

The IOS bugs was the nail in the coffin for me and toodledo.

So I move 1300 active open task to Tick Tick, and have been using it for a month, here is what I found out

1. Import to Tick TIck. There is a Tick Tick toodledo import via CSV, the problem is toodledo has tag, locations, and contexts, tick tick just has tags. So I downloaded the toodledo CSV, and the tick tick CSV, modified the tick tick CSV in excel and uploaded. It worked great.

2. I was VERY concerned about going from tags, contexts, and locations in toodledo, to just tags in tick tick. I have 26 locations, 89 contexts, and 20 tags. I feel much better after using it for a while on Tick Tick. On Tick Tick 1. You can Organize tags by drop down 2. You can use certain symbols prefxes to further sort tags (Toodledo offered this too), 3. When adding tags, you just need to start typing, and the Tick Tick software finds the tag you want. Its awesome, and fast.

3. Android Widgets are amazing. you can save a task in a particular folder in one click.

Some TIck Tick Drawbacks

1. Tags don't sort alphabetically, it needs to be done manually
2. The custom search in tick tick is not even close the toodledo.

I wish everyone the best, and I really hope I am back one day.
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