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"Sync connectivity failed" notification
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Posted: Nov 03, 2021
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I get the above notification maybe once or twice a day. There's no pattern to it I can discern. Sometimes it's when I'm away from home not on a wifi system; sometimes it while I'm right at my desk connected to our household wifi. It's kind of annoying. I can't find a way to turn it off without turning off all Toodledo notifications which I really don't want to do.

I found this discussed in a closed topic from a year ago, but there was no answer to it in the thread, and now it's locked. Any ideas, folks?

My phone is a Samsung Note 8 running Android 9.

Posted: Nov 05, 2021
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As you have found this is a long running problem that is still around (I see it on my Samsung Galaxy S8 running Android 9).
The current owners have said they are working on replacing the current Toodledo (TD) App which should be available early next year, so you may have to wait until then for a fix.

Or you could try Ultimate To-Do List (UTDL) for Android

I have used this app, linked to my TD account for years.
It is much more configurable than the native TD app and syncs seamlessly with TD Tasks and Notes (does not support Goals or Habits but that is not a problem for me as I don't use them).
Also it does not synch saved searches from within TD but you can mimic any TD saved search in the App and you only have to set this up once.
Regards notifications it is better than the native app in that you can complete a task directly from the notification (you don't have to go into the main app to do this) and if you complete a task in another instance of TD (different device or web) then the notification on your phone will clear itself automatically.

The App is actively supported, the last release was 8/7/21.
It is free with an optional, one-off micro charge for advanced features, well worth the cost to support the developers, even if you don't need the extra functionality.

I have no affiliation with UTDL other than a very satisfied customer.

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Posted: Nov 06, 2021
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I find that it might be the internet connection. When I'm on mobile, I get this issue a lot.Sync fails. But when I connect through VPN (still on mobile), the problem goes away and things sync fine. No problem on my home wifi, not needing a VPN.

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