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Emails from Spark app
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Len Budney

Posted: Mar 03, 2022
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I'm using the Spark email app, which sends all emails as multipart/alternative, with an HTML and a plain-text version. When I use it to create tasks in Toodledo, both parts are attached to the task as files which I can only read by first downloading them. I'd expect the plain-text item to be converted into a note in Toodledo, but it isn't.

When I send messages from the Gmail web app, the body appears as a note. Gmail also sends the email as multipart/alternative, but AFAICT it actually only includes one version -- the plain-text version.

So I'm speculating a bit, but it looks like when Toodledo receives a multipart/alternative message with more than one part, it turns all parts into attachments rather than selecting the text one, making it a note, and ignoring the other alternatives. If that's not what's happening, my second guess is that it only finds the text alternative when it's the first one -- in Spark, the HTML alternative comes first, followed by the plain text.

Can someone confirm whether this is a bug, and if so, open a ticket?


PS: Someone asked about the same problem in 2019, but never got any replies
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