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Subtasks - how to export?
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Posted: Jul 29, 2022
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I like to regularly backukp / export my ToodleDo data.

I was looking at a CSV export of my current tasks & noticed that subtasks is NOT a column.

There also doesn't seem to be any reference to subtasks in the CSV export at all.

I did some digging & confirmation; the sub-tasks ARE being exported; the data is there; but each sub-task exists as their own separate / stand-alone task; they do not seem to have any relation / reference to the parent task they are under, nor any reference to other sub-tasks.

Is this normal / expected behavior?

Is there anyway to backup my ToodleDo as-is, meaning with sub-tasks intact, properly set / attributed under the parent / master task?

I kno there are several different formats to export / bkup ToodleDo data; .JSON, .TXT, and .XML if I'm not mistaken; do any of those formats backup with subtasks intact?

Is there any workaround to include subtasks appropriately filed under their parent / master as I have them in my ToodleDo acct? I'd love to have that.

Hope this makes sense....

Thank You!

Toodledo Admin
Posted: Aug 02, 2022
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Hi -

It looks like if you use the XML backups, the backup XML file ( have a field called <parent> that references the parent task.

If you use the XML backup option, you should be able to restore with the subtasks intact.
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