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Make Toodledo Browser Interface More Voice Recognition Friendly
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Posted: Aug 03, 2022
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I use Toodledo mostly on a big screen computer, using either MS Edge or Google Chrome. Voice recognition using Dragon Naturally Speaking 15 Professional Individual works very well for the most part with the Dragon browser web extension. However, to execute commands, the interface features have to have text labels. Many of the Toodledo interface elements just have icons and so can't be selected by saying "Click Folders." I can initiate searches by saying "Click New Search" or complete a Batch Edit by saying "Save Changes."

It would be great if there were at least a settings option to the GUI browser interface to make all the commands and organizational tools more voice recognition accessible. Perhaps this is already possible if I turn on accessibility features for my browser. But while Toodledo is being updated, please think of ways to make it more voice recognition friendly. There is a lot of repetitive typing and selecting in using Toodledo and it can be made a lot faster and less tedious with the use of voice recognition software. One can talk about 3x faster than one can type and when voice selection has the opportunity to work, one can also save a lot of time by not having to take one's hand off the keyboard to move the mouse, then put hand back on keyboard, etc.

I see from notes that I submitted this a Toodledo owner or two ago as a Feature Request in 01/13/2020.
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