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Next Gen App - Not Bad, But Missing A Few Major Things
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Posted: Oct 06, 2023
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After a week and change of dealing with legacy app crashes on my iOS devices, I gave up and decided to download the next gen app via Testflight again.

I'm having a change of heart. It's actually not that bad, but it's missing a few major things.

I've already submitted support tickets for the following basic functionality that is missing, but just to reiterate:

1.) Initially I thought that the individual tasks take up a lot of wasted space in the next gen vs. legacy app. For example, looking at the All Tasks screen in the legacy app right now on my iPhone, I can see 13 tasks at a glance without scrolling. In the next gen app, I can only see 8 tasks without scrolling. Initially I thought that this was a total waste of space and a problem. But I'm actually growing to like the larger font size, I guess I'm getting old :)

2.) A major issue for me right now is the inability to add new tasks to the Toodledo next gen app using Siri/handsfree. This is a real problem, at least where I live, handsfree while driving is the law, and they will pull you over for tapping on your screen while driving. I do some of my best thinking on the road, an idea pops into my head, I tell Siri to remind me of blah blah blah, and like magic, it appears in my Tasks in the legacy app. This functionality is not currently included in the next gen app. This is huge and needs to be added asap.

3.) Another somewhat major issue is that new tasks are added without any default values whatsoever. You have to manually plug in everything, and the new next gen add task screen is more than a little funky to work with compared to the ease and simplicity of the legacy app. For example, in the legacy app, I have the due date default to "today", and I use tags heavily, with my default tag value being "01". It's extremely time consuming and totally unnecessary to fill in basic default values every time you add a task. This is as big of an issue for me personally compared to adding tasks via Siri. This also needs to be added asap.

I realized from another forum post that the next gen desktop site ( is already out there, looks and behaves almost exactly as the legacy desktop site (, but it's actually a little quicker, streamlined, and has a better look and feel imho. I like it, and will start using it immediately.

I was actually fine with the Toodledo legacy functionality, both for desktop and iOS. I'm all for new product releases, so long as those changes mean improvements. And that's not just about adding new functionality deemed important by paying subscribers. You still need to make the app stable, reliable, intuitive, easy to use, and at least as good if not better than what we have right now. Before the iOS17 update, the legacy desktop site and iOS app worked perfectly without issue for years. I can count on one hand how many issues I had with Toodledo before the iOS17 update, and now the legacy app is totally unusable. So I'm basically being forced to move to next gen, but I think that I'm OK with that for now. I will continue to try and use the next gen desktop site and iOS app as my defaults wherever possible, but Toodledo really needs to step up big time and work on getting these basic functions included as well, asap.


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Posted: Oct 08, 2023
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Update - I’ve submitted yet another support ticket, but just to get the word out to the user base…I cannot make any changes to existing Notes in the next gen iOS app. You can make whatever changes you’d like, but the next gen app will not save them. This is a big problem. I’m currently using the legacy app to make Note changes that will save. If Toodledo wants us to migrate to the next gen app in earnest, they need to fix this one pronto.

Posted: Oct 08, 2023
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Update - either someone is working hard on weekends, or the app fixed itself. I can now create and modify notes in the next gen iOS app without issue. Thank you.
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