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Next-gen iOS app suggestions
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Mike Thomas

Posted: Nov 02, 2023
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I have been making some changes in Toodledo, primarily using contexts to mark stuff as "I'll do this when I have time" because my Hotlist is way too cluttered. To do this I would like to exclude certain contexts from the Hotlist. I have defined a search called Hotlist, and have successfully told Toodledo on the web to use that search as the main Hotlist. How do I do the same in the next-gen iOS app?

An alternative approach would be to make the Hotlist search be the "start page" in the app. However, currently you can only choose a folder or a context or some canned items like "Today" and "Hotlist" (the wrong Hotlist). I think allowing users to choose a specific search as the start page would be useful.


PS a couple more things I meant to mention:
When multi-selecting tasks, 4 options show at the bottom of the screen - Due, Folder, Priority, Complete. It would be helpful if Context was also available for bulk changes.

Also when multi-selecting tasks, it would be helpful if the "repeat" indicator stayed visible inside the checkboxes, so that one could avoid accidentally rescheduling a repeating task.

PPS - my first point above (about defaulting to my custom Hotlist) seems to have fixed itself. I guess it synced that setting from the web and either it took a while, or I just didn't notice.

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Toodledo Admin
Posted: Nov 09, 2023
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In build 26, you should be able to use that custom search as your hotlist -- it syncs with whatever you have set on the web, so if you have set that custom search on the web you should see that as the hotlist on the app.

Re: additional bulk options, we will add Context & start date and keep the repeat indicator.
Mike Thomas

Posted: Nov 09, 2023
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Thank you PamelaH
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