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Posted: Jan 04, 2024
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Toodledo's reintroduction of Jake's old policy regarding limiting the number of support tickets per free user, after which point, we'd have to sign up for a paid subscription in order to submit any further support tickets, got us thinking about paid subscription options. My wife and I actually like Toodledo, and we've been impressed by the level of support that we've gotten as free users to date under the new management. Whatever I might think about how Toodledo has suddenly decided to reintroduce this policy and cut off support tickets for free users, I respect and understand it. And I'm trying to figure out a way for us to justify the expense of a paid subscription.

Forget about the fact that neither of us have any need or want for any of the additional functionality that comes with a Standard or Plus subscription. There is literally not one feature or function that we want or need, not one. In fact, we've been perfectly happy with previous versions of the basic free user accounts with Toodledo Windows and iOS apps for years; ironically it is the Next Gen app that is having problems as we speak, that concerns us when it comes to this new withholding of support tickets for users without a subscription.

So now we're looking at it from the perspective of simply supporting a company and suite of applications that we've used for a long time and want to continue doing so. And we just can't get our heads around the pricing model.

For comparison, I am looking at three other applications that we pay for right now. These are absolute must haves that help run our daily lives, control our household, keep our family safe, manage our expenses, you get the idea. I'm not going to disclose any further details on those applications for personal security reasons, but you can probably guess what they are.

If I look at what we are paying for each of these essential applications, as a HOUSEHOLD, we are talking around $38 to $55 per year, per HOUSEHOLD. That means my wife and I have full access to these applications across our various platforms under one HOUSEHOLD license, and if I want to invite one of my kids or anyone else to utilize these applications, it's still the same $38 to $55 per year. In the case of these three applications, quite frankly, we have no other choices or alternatives, we HAVE to pay for them, period end of story.

Now look at Toodledo. The minimum that we could get by with a subscription is $47.88 per year for a Standard subscription, TIMES TWO, or $95.76 minimum, per year, for the two of us, and so on if we decide to get one or more of our kids on Toodledo as well. That is pretty much DOUBLE what we are paying now per year for each of our other essential applications. And that added expense would be for additional functionality that we do not want or need, it would be strictly to have the ability to submit support tickets.

That's crazy.

Bottom line - the current Toodledo pricing model is geared towards business users, not households. As a household, we cannot justify the expense, I am sorry. Maybe Toodledo should consider a household license model in line with the pricing that we are paying for our other essential applications. We like Toodledo, but Toodledo is not an essential application, and there are other solutions out there.

For now, we are sticking with our free user accounts, and hoping for the best.

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Posted: Jan 05, 2024
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Update - Toodledo has reverted back to its original support ticket policy, with no limits on submitting support tickets for free users. This is a good thing. So this whole discussion on their pricing model, at least from my perspective, is no longer applicable. We will not be migrating to a subscriber model in order to submit support tickets after all.

Posted: Jan 06, 2024
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As a paid user for 12 years, let me say there is NO reason not to be a paid user. Your financial support is critical to all of us to keep ToodleDo up and running. This is not a giant company like Microsoft -- they need a way to pay the server/hosting costs plus the small salaries for developers and other employees.

I actually pay for a couple of subscriptions to help them keep the lights on.

This is the best task management / calendaring / note keeping app on the planet. It has kept me organized for the past 12 years. Other time management applications have come and gone over the years (I actually still have my Palm Pilot in a drawer somewhere --- and do you remember Borland's Sidekick? I migrated some data from those into ToodleDo over a decade ago).

I hope that ToodleDo keeps on ticking for many more decades -- as an innovative independent enterprise!

Hoping everyone will buy at least one subscription (or more).


Posted: Jan 06, 2024
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MLB327 implied that $95 per year is too much.

I say that is a huge bargain for what you get.

How much do you pay per month for Internet connectivity? Or TV cable to watch shows?

How much to you pay for gas when you take a driving vacation?

How much for one trip to a fine dining restaurant for food that stays with you for 48 hours or so and then turns to...

What about adult beverages over a month in the summer?

Or video games? Have you paid for any video games over the past few years?

I would give up all the above (except Internet connectivity) to keep ToodleDo going as a company. Without paid subscribers, they would not be here today.

Please SUPPORT ToodleDo. Even if it's only one paid subscription. I want to keep using it another few decades.

Posted: Jan 06, 2024
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With a standard subscription you get Google calendar integration which I use and enjoy. Also Customizable Hotlist and Saved Searches, which are very useful to me.

With my Plus subscription I get file uploads and 10GB of online storage -- very useful for saving important data in a secure and trusted location. I have 12 years of notes and data stored in ToodleDo. It's essential to me to schedule and run my life.

Gotta love ToodleDo!

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Posted: Jan 10, 2024
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We agree to disagree.

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