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Unexpected HTML in task notes, and weird line-ending logic
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Mike Thomas

Posted: Feb 21, 2024
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I haven't been able to repro either of these at will, but they both happen frequently but apparently independently of each other. I am using the latest next-gen app on iPhone and the new Toodledo on the web (

1) Often, text that I have entered into a task's note which contains a URL or a number gets converted to HTML when I later open the note to edit it. For example if I enter "" it sometimes gets changed (some time later) to the 'A' tag with "href" in it (no matter how I try to enter this tag, your form handler "fixes" it into a clickable link, but I'm assuming you get the gist). More annoyingly this also sometimes happens to numbers - they get converted to the HTML for a phone number. It's not clear that there is ever a need to have editable HTML code in a task's note, but if this is by design please give us a way to disable it.

2) When editing a task note and I hit "return" at the end of the text, then continue entering more text, sometimes I get an extra line break and sometimes it gets eaten by something. It's almost like the old CR/LF vs. CR logic from waaaaay back.

Both of the above make reading and modifying task notes harder than it should be, and I often end up (for example) selecting too much text because the iPhone's whole-word selection logic seems to get confused.

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Toodledo Admin
Posted: Feb 23, 2024
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Hi can you send us a support ticket so we can look into this in more detail?

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