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NextGen iOS app build 36 breaks URL handling in task notes
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Mike Thomas

Posted: May 28, 2024
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I know that URL handling has been funky in earlier builds (sometimes double-tapping or tap/holding would open your browser with the link and sometimes instead it would let you edit the note), but it seems like the fix has been to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

I put URLs in tasks for many reasons, as do many people I suspect. In the latest build (36) URLs in task notes are no longer tappable (meaning it isn't underlined and does nothing when you tap it). Tap/hold only selects a portion of the URL, so you have to tap/hold, then move the anchors to the beginning and end of the URL. After that, you have two choices:
1) Select "Copy" from the menu, open your browser, paste the URL (this is tedious but works), or
2) Select "Open Link" from the menu

Option 2 would be a workaround (until you get this resolved), BUT Toodledo adds the line following the URL onto the URL (even though it was not selected).

For example, if the text note says:
Ordered 5/22, expected 5/28
What it passes to the browser is the correct URL followed by %0A (linefeed) followed by the rest of the line below the URL in my task note.

Can we get proper URL handling back in a future build please?
Mike Thomas

Posted: Jun 01, 2024
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Looks like this is fixed by build 37, thanks.
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