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Posted: Sep 07, 2009
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I started to use goals and saw one big possibility to change some some "unnice" things in my life. I thought it would make sense to set up for example a lifelong goal called "fitness" and a daily repeating task called "doing workout". So far so good, but when I miss this one time I can't check the task for the next day, I've to check the task first for the missed day and then for the actual day. But this is not significant if I want to show up wholes in my chain if I didn't do my workout one day.

The only solution for this problem I see is to set up for every day a new task with "doing workout" and when I miss it then delete it. But this is very time consuming, especialy if you've a lot of these daily tasks. Is there any solution for this problem I don't see? What's the fastest way to get this done?

I think if something like this would be possible, it would be possible to "drill" everyone who wants this to get a better person. If I get reminders for something everyday it gets on my nervers and I do it before I get the reminder. I can trick myself in this way and this would help me a lot.

What are others thinking about this? Sorry for my bad english, feel free to ask if something or my target isn't understandable.

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Posted: Sep 07, 2009
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If I understand you correctly, there are a couple of simple solutions.
One is to use optional Due Dates on daily repeating tasks (Due "optionally on", or use the "?" modifier). That way, if you miss a day, the missed task is deleted (not completed), and the next day's occurrence is generated:
Another way to do it would be to simply bump back the Due Date manually. If you miss a task Monday, change its Due Date to Tuesday. That way, you don't have to mark a fake completion so it doesn't affect your chains, and the recurrence pattern will stay intact.

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Posted: Sep 07, 2009
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Anders, like other times you're the best :) Thanks for taking time and explaining me this...

I think the best way for me would be to use the "optionally on" modifier. This was exactly I was searching for and I dind't know this exist. I think when I use this, I don't cheat myself and I see broken chains if I didn't do what I should do. And when I'm for exmaple on holidays I can bump it back as you described.

Every day I use Toodledo I learn more how great it is :) It became my most important app ever. Beside of this: I think Toodledo should employ you ;)
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