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Mutli-Edit: Set start date relative to end date
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Posted: Sep 30, 2009
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I have a group of tasks that are daily readings. During the import I used the text import and was (as far as I could tell) only able to import an end date. I would like to have all these tasks have a start date equal to the end date so I could use the "filter future tasks" option to remove them based on a start date.
1) Is there a way to use mutlti-edit and set the start date relative to the end date? In my case, set start date equal to end date. (All tasks are in same context so it is easy to search for them.)
2) If I were to delete all of these tasks would there be a way to import them again, using plain text, csv/tsv/excel, with both a start and end date?


Posted: Sep 30, 2009
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1) No. You could search for each individual Due Date, and then set all tasks Due that day to also Start that day, but you can't set relative dates.

2) Yes. The CSV import supports almost everything (except subtasks). So if you import a CSV file, and it has a Start Date column that will work.
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