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Posted: Nov 07, 2009
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I've seen repeated references to "optional tasks," or "optionally on" tasks. Is this different than tasks with a "soft" due date, or is that what everyone means when they use these terms?

I'm really having a hard time figuring out how to manage those tasks that don't have a "required" due date but, if I let them float into my "overdue" stack, they'll get lost...

In addition -- any suggestions for handling those "floating" tasks where you want to start it as soon as you can, and would LIKE to have it done by a certain date (a "goal" date, I guess) -- but it doesn't really have a firm due date? These could be repeating or not...

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Posted: Nov 07, 2009
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I am not sure what a "soft" due date is. I have seen the term used in different ways. An optional Due Date has a specific meaning however. It is one of Toodledo's due date modifiers:

You can read the details there, but essentially, it just makes a task that disappears rather than becoming overdue. Where it finds its real potential is when combined with repeats. For instance you can have a daily repeating optional task, that will show up as due every day, but will never be overdue even if you don't complete it. You can use this for a floating due date as well. Just set the date, make it optional and set a daily repeat. Then if the task's due date passes, it will show up as due the next day, and so on. The only catch is that when you do finally complete it, you have to either remove the repeat from it first, delete it instead of completing it, or complete it and then delete the next occurrence that will appear.

Posted: Nov 07, 2009
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I guess what I mean by a "soft" due date is not quite the same as what a repeating/optional task is -- I mean a task that I would *like* to get done by x date but it's not required that I get it done by then. If I don't assign a due date, it tends to get "lost in the shuffle." If I assign a due date that passes, it goes into OVERDUE and gets "lost in the shuffle" (because I have lots of these).

What I'd like is a modifier, I guess, for "desired" completion date. Once that date passes, I'd love to have a grouping that's LIKE Overdue, but is called "HEY - YOU WANTED TO HAVE THESE DONE!" instead.

I'm still open to suggestion on how to handle these within the bounds of how Toodledo *does* work (because I know that my request is not a reasonable one!).


Toodledo Admin
Posted: Nov 09, 2009
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It sounds like you want to have two different types of "overdue" tasks. My suggestion would be to use the "tag" field. You could add the tags "hard" and "soft" to indicate the type of date that you are using, and then use the tag to sort/search.
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