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Getting Started guide?
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Posted: Jan 27, 2010
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I'm new to Toodledo, GTD and also the iPhone app (I have all three). I would like to get myself more productive, but am somewhat lost in my organization of it all.

What would you suggest as a good way to get started?
Is there a "Manual" for Toodledo or for the iPhone app?
There is a big difference between the iPhone app and the website!
Have you thought about collecting together some of the information to create one?
What about a FAQ or Getting Started guide?
BTW, I just found out that if you have a task and set it up on your iPhone to alert you in 15 minutes unless you have synced to the website, it won't alert!
Can the alert be set at 5 minutes? or how about a "snooze" to re-alert you? Is this possible for the future?

Thanks for listening!

Posted: Jan 27, 2010
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If you're going to use Toodledo for GTD, I strongly suggest you visit the GTD section of the forum and spend some time there - Many have found the "Proximo's GTD Setup" thread to be very useful . Since GTD can be viewed quite subjectively and Toodledo is a flexible app, that does not adhere to GTD in the strictest sense(no web app does, really), you need to develop your own approach and the threads will help you more than any guide could. The Toodledo help sections will get you acquainted with the basic Toodledo UI, etc.

If you're serious about using Toodledo on web and iphone, definitely with the Toodledo Pro account - it's worth the $

Good luck!


Posted: Jan 27, 2010
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Thanks Chris,
I have started to look over that thread and have started to use it (but I've gotten some of my original tasks "lost").
Have a great day,
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