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Repeating task reminder behaviror, no explanation ...
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Posted: Jan 31, 2010
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Being reminded is very important, I'll forgo my rant on Money I lost, opportunity I missed and time I lost because of this reminder behavior...

All recurring reminder work at first so I gave all my trust into that system.

I wont get reminded ! Although my iCal show all task repeating endlessly in the future,

We have to "done check" every past reminder task to be reminded next time. (Google calendar reminded me every time, )

Could someone provide a scenario for that kind of reminding ?

To me when I get an SMS reminding me of something, The reminding is SENT = Reminder DONE.

If creating a new task is what is needed to solve that I would really prefer that a new task/reminder be created every time before the next reminding. (you know better)

I'd have liked know that beforehand by reading a manual or guide , not into some forum post or FAQs.

I'd like if you start a wiki so we can participate at making a easy to read guide "how to use Toodledo"

Thank You

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Toodledo Admin
Posted: Feb 03, 2010
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It sounds like you aren't completing your repeating tasks, so the reminder is not being rescheduled. The way repeating tasks work on Toodledo is that there is only 1 version of the task. It gets 1 reminder. When you check off the task, it gets rescheduled to the next occurrence, and the reminder gets rescheduled. If you never check off the task, it will never get rescheduled and you won't get more reminders. Toodledo assumes that you are still working on the previous occurrence. If you want to have tasks be automatically moved forward whether or not you manually check them off, you can make it an optional task.
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