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Firefox Addon and Gmail
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Posted: Mar 04, 2010
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I like using the firefox Addon to add tasks from webpages but have some strange things happen when I try and add a task from a gmail message, in particular with the url for the message. It works fine for other webpages, but when I try to "toodledo this page" for a gmail message it gives me the wrong url.

I have a message open, and right click "toodledo this page"; the box comes up to add the task, but the url in the notes is
(where ##### is a series of characters, which remains the same no matter which message I click on using the firefox addon) when I click on this url in toodledo, I get a blank page

if I check the url in the browser window when I have the message open, it has something like this:
in this case, the ##### is a series of characters which is unique for each conversation. if I copy and paste this into the toodledo window, then when I click on it, I go to the message in question.

Any suggestions?

Toodledo Founder
Posted: Mar 04, 2010
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This is because of the way that Gmail works. It uses Ajax, which means that the actual URL of the page never changes, regardless of what message you are looking at. They mask the actual URL with the unique URLs, but this isn't available to the Firefox Addon.

Posted: Mar 04, 2010
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Thanks for the answer.

I will try to just do it "manually". I like being able to link my actions with the emails.

Just started using toodledo, got the Pro Subscription. Great work!
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