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Question about "Filters ON"
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Posted: Mar 04, 2010
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Hi there,

I am viewing tasks by Folder and have a filter set to display a single Context. The Filters link shows "Filters ON" and when I click on the link, it displays "Contexts (1)" to denote that I have a single Context filter set.

If I then change my View-by to Context, the Context filter is cleared which is helpful because it is not really applicable when viewing by Context. However the filters link on the toolbar still displays "Filters ON".

So the status of the link (or do you refer to it as a button?) is not being updated when you change the View-by method.

Hope that makes sense.

Just tried the same thing with the Tag filter, i.e. set tag filter, switched to view-by Context expecting this filter to be maintained, but it wasn't. So maybe this (whether filters are maintained or not when switching view-by method) needs looking further into.

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Toodledo Admin
Posted: Mar 04, 2010
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Filters are saved on a view by view basis. So, if you have the context filter on the Main view, and you switch to another view, it will be different. When you switch back to the Main view the context filter you previously set will be there again.

If it is displaying Filters ON on your context view, then you must have another filter set.

Posted: Mar 05, 2010
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Thanks for clarifying how it works.

I've just looked at this again and could see that I had the message at the bottom of my tasks saying "3 active tasks are hidden due to your filter settings. "

I couldn't see any obvious filters set although I did have sub-tasks set to hidden. So I selected "flattened" and the filter message at the bottom disappeared and 3 sub-tasks were displayed. However the link on the toolbar still showed "Filters ON".

I re-hid the sub-tasks and this time clicked on the link at the bottom to remove the filters. The 3 sub-tasks were displayed and this time the link on the toolbar was updated correctly.

When I re-hide the sub-tasks on this view, the link on the toolbard does not change back to "Filters ON" so something is not quite right.

Not a big deal though, just curious as to the incorrect indicator.
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