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adding a subtask to a task with repeat set
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Posted: Mar 15, 2010
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Now when you add a subtask to a task with a repeat pattern, the subtask does not get "repeat with parent set".

I would suggest this being set as the default, when you add a subtask or drag a task onto the parent task, and the task doesnt have a repeat pattern set, BUT I can't think of scenarios where it would be a bad thing.

That tells me that I havent thought it through well enough;
Can you guys tell me when you would not have subtasks of a task repeat with a parent task?

Preferably in your real world experience with todos and not just made up scenarios.

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Posted: Mar 15, 2010
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I can see how your proposed default behaviour would be useful, because it's more often that I forget to set a task to repeat with parent than I add tasks that don't need to repeat with parent.

But I do have a real world experience where I didn't need the task to repeat with the parent: I was marking assignments, and I found that a lot of people had cheated on the assignment, so I added a task: talk to the professor about the cheaters. This doesn't need to happen every time... I hope! :) However, if such a task did accidentally start appearing and I didn't need it, it would be easy to remove the repeating behaviour... and that's better than the reverse, having to recreate a task or completely forgetting the task because I had forgotten to make it recreate itself.

Toodledo Founder
Posted: Mar 15, 2010
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It could definitely go either way. There are lots of examples of subtasks that you don't want to repeat, that are specific to that instance of the task. And there are examples the other way to. We have to pick one, and in general we try to keep the default values for fields, in this case the default value for repeating is no repeating.

Posted: Apr 04, 2010
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+1 for sub-tasks inheriting the repeating properties of their parent task by default.
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