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Posted: Aug 29, 2008
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Trying to get Jott and Toodledo to work together. I've seen posts on here that seem to indiate it is. I followed the instrucitons page in the help, but do not see Toodledo as an option on the Jott page - what am I missing? Any idea's?

Toodledo Admin
Posted: Aug 29, 2008
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I just checked, and there appears to be a bug with Jott's website that prevents you from looking at page 2 of their Links page. Since Toodledo is on page 2, this means that you can't get to it until Jott fixes the bug. We just let them know, but it couldn't hurt if you let them know too.


Posted: Aug 30, 2008
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I don't think that this is a bug. I am new to both Toodledo and Jott -- I signed up for both in the past week or so. Looks like Jott has recently come out of beta and launched a new tiered pricing structure. There is still a free option, but the only way to make the link to Toodledo in Jott is to sign up for a premium account. Plans are $3.95 and $12.95 per month. Still worth 4 bucks a month in my opinion. Here is a link to the pricing info page:

In a nutshell, here is what Jott says about charging for "Productivity" links:

Q: Why did you put "productivity" Jott Links into paid plans only?
A: We are more than happy to still provide a service that enable customers of other productivity-focused companies to input to-dos and accomplish other tasks using their voice via Jott. However, it does cost us money to run Jott and given the value we provide to customers, we feel we have come up with very reasonable monthly and pay-as-you-go plans that let you access those links. We decided to keep Twitter, Blogger, and other blogging services free to help spread the word about Jott, as they are one-to-many communications mechanisms. Amazon and Zillow are Jott Links that give Jott Basic customers an idea of what can be done with the service and other Jott Links.

Follow this link for all FAQs about changes at Jott:

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Posted: Sep 01, 2008
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Yeah, I have dropped Jott altogether. I ran the beta since its first day - literally. Not that I should get any special pricing or anything, but their initial price points are way out of the realm of what a lot of users are willing to pay - myself included.

While their transcription has improved some since they started, it is still pretty hit or miss. Depends on who transcribes it, I guess. I got some transcribed pretty accurately, and some that were completely garbled. Never had a perfect Jott. And for that kind of service, $12.95 monthly is a pipe dream for them! ($3.95 per month isn't cheap either, and your Jotts are cut off after 15 seconds).

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